Peoples Bank Managers Teach Budgeting Class at Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry

Peoples Bank business center managers Melissa Aldrich, Will Daughtrey, Allison Taylor and Retail Sales
Manager Paula Parker recently taught a class on budgeting at the Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian
Ministry’s Whole Life Center in Hickory, NC. The session aimed to empower individuals with financial
knowledge, emphasizing the importance of having a budget, regardless of income level.

During the class, attendees were encouraged to categorize their spending into needs and wants,
stressing the significance of tracking expenses by writing them down. By closely monitoring their
finances, participants could identify areas where money was being allocated and potentially redirect
funds towards savings, fostering the opportunity for financial growth.

Whole Life Center Liaison Lynn Loehr expressed gratitude for the program, noting the genuine
engagement shown by the attendees through their active participation and numerous questions. The
interactive nature of the session indicated a strong desire among participants to enhance their financial
literacy and take control of their economic well-being.

Will Daughtrey, who led the presentation and facilitated an interactive session, shared his thoughts on
the event, stating, “I was pleased to see the level of engagement from the participants. Their
enthusiasm and curiosity truly made the session impactful.”

Peoples Bank remains committed to empowering communities through financial education initiatives,
reinforcing the belief that sound budgeting practices are fundamental in achieving financial stability and
long-term success.

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Wake Counties. The Bank also operates loan production offices in Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, and
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