Individual Partners

GHCCM 2023 Individual Donors

Thank you to these generous donors who provided vital financial support in 2023.

Sara S. Abernethy
Lisa Adams
Jehanzaib Ahmed
Robert and Nancy Allen
Brian and Susan Anauo
Dr. Daniel and Geraldine Anderson
Alan and Patricia Anton
Deborah Ashley
Zach and April Ausband
Margaret Baker-Dull
Arturo and Veronica Ballabeni
Rodman and Cyndee Barber
Michael Baretsky
Mack M. Barger
James and Mary Barker
David and Mercia Barringer
Phillip Barton
John Bates
James and Susan Baucom
Billy Beard
Roy and Barbara Benfield
Charles W. Bethany
Paul and Karen Birkedal
P.W. and Marjorie Blubaugh
Freddy and Jan Bohmuller
Thomas Bolick
Joan Bolick
Neil and Margaret Bolick
Anna Bordash
David Bost
James and Lorna Bradshaw
Barry and Jean Branham
Elizabeth Brannock
David and Martha Branyon
John and Constance Bray
Tom and Ginger Brewer
Gregory and Janet Brooks
Robert and Susan Broome
Frances Brown
Stephanie Bulick
Rochelle Burch
Frances Burke-Urr
Rosemary BuShea
Paul Byrd
Ronald D. and Laura Caldwell
Lesley Cannady
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Caporossi
G. Maurice Capps
Lynnette Carson
Cauze Charitable Fund
Dennis and June Chalk
Scott and Margaret Chatham
Barry Cheney and Jeanne Abbott
Donna M Chubb
John D. Clark Family Fund
George and Diane Clark
George and Sandra Clay
Lloyd and Tamara Coley
Christopher Conley
Joyce Corbett
Jeanette Cordell
Corwin Family Charitable Fund
Gary and Regina Crump
Marcus Dagenhardt
James and Holley Dagenhardt
Alene Dale
James Harold Davis
Eddie Dease
John and Tammy DelCharco
Geoff and Carrie DeLeary
Everette Dellinger
Kim Dixon
Leila Doughton
David and Marlene Duncan
Rege and Jane Duralia
Dorothy Edmunds
Natalie Eggers
Robert Elkins
Elizabeth Elkins
Suzanne Eller
Alice Ellis
Kelly and Lorie Farr
John and Ruth Featherstone
Becky Ferrell
Bonita and Vince Ferretti
Janet Finkel
John Fish
Jo Flick
Ken Flowers
Dr. Thomas and Sandra Foster
Jerry and Loudella Francis
Dick and Norma Frank
Jonathan Frock
Joanna Frock
Marcella Fullbright
David and Jennifer Gaddis
Gaines Family Legacy Fund
Richard and Barbara Garlitz

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd George
Jon and Becca Giometti
Gene and Margaret Glaze
Jeff and Marsha Gniadek
James and Dawn Goforth
Benjamin Graham
Neal Gray
Christy Greene
The Griffin Foundation
Thomas and Susan Griffis
Eric and Shirley Griggs
William and Camille Gruman
Robert and Nancy Hall
David and Angela Hamilton
James and Nancy Hammer
John and Wendy Hanigofsky
David and Lena Hardaway
Steve and Katheryn Harlan
Wesley and Melissa Harris
David and Mathalda Hartness
Sue Heavner
Levi and Eva Helton
Hickman Charitable Fund
Deborah Hinkle
Carrol Holland
Waller and Jane Howard
Cynthia Howard
Rebecca Huffman
Sue Huffman
April Hughes
Harold and Louise Humphrey
Graham Hunsucker
Tony Hanson and Catherine Hunsucker
Dori Hunt
W. Hines and Mary Jane Hunt
Sarah Hunt
Steve and Sarah Hunt
Julie Hunt
Russell and Sara Isenhour
Kelley Jarrett
Ned and Martha Jarrett
George Johnides
Jay and Nancy Johnson
C. Jane Johnson
Lori Jones
Linda Jones
Kathleen Kenny
Samuel and Janette Kephart
Ronald and Janet Key
Ronald and Anita Knedlik
Robert Kraay
Robert and Jeanne Kukla
Elizabeth Lampe
Kathleen Landry
David and Joann Lehman
Jearld and Carolyn Leonhardt
Victoria Livingston
Mike and Melanie Long
Paul Lowe
Floyd and Sheila Lucas
Timothy Ludwig
David and Katherine Ludwig
Luney Family Fund
Joyce Mallette
Paul and Marie Martino
Kristen Bell Maure
Jonathan and Vicki Mauser
Harry and Gail McComb
Burl McCuiston
Robert McGalliard
Charles and Anne McKaraher
James and Lisa Meade
Thomas Millican
Lamar and Chrissanne Mitchell
Lewis Mitchell
Thomas and Melissa Micheltree
George and Carolyn Moretz
George Ashley Moretz
Mark and Christina Morgan
Donna Moser
Anne Moss
Patricia Mozgala
Cecelia Mull
David and Elaine Myers
Rolf and Dot Myers
John and Beverly Nelson
Bryan and Elyse Neuwirth
Kelly Newton-Boone
Helen Norris
Mary Obrien
Dorothy Obst
Sharon D Olsen
Jerry and Gail Orr
Albert and Beth Osbahr
Susan Pabst
Thomas and Rosanne Pagels
Anita Parker
Josh Paschall

Ed and Susan Pearce
William and Jane Pekman
S. Ross Penland
Robert and Kandi Peterson
Kathy Pettigrew
Amanda Phillips
Gary Pope
Beth Pope Sigmon
Paul and Ronda Queen
Carl H. Queen
Thomas and Susan Ray
Linda Reece
Reese Family Giving Fund
Henry Rendleman
Pairoj and Vorapat Lamluang Rerkpattanapipat
Emily B. Reynolds
Ann Reynolds
Wilfred and Shelor Robin
Luther Rollins Jr.
Donna Roulic
Ryan L Rozzelle
Janet R. Rudisill
Susan Ruggles
James Douglas Runyon
Lori Sadowski
Richard and Linda Schultz
Curtis and Bonnie Schultz
Gary and Betty Schwartz
Ellen Schwarzbek
Danny and Elaine Seaver
Lance and Denise Sellers
Karen Sennewald and Bill Anderson
Yvonne Setzer
Amy Sheets
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Shoffner
Pauline Shook
Mildred Shuford
A. Alex Shuford
Martha Shumate
Christopher Sigmon
Ernest and Cindy Sills
Roland and Cozette Sinclair
Mark and Dorothea Sinclair
Carol T. Sinclair
Sledge Fund
David and Gena Small
William and Susan Smith
Gerry G. Smith
Veronica Smith
Carol S. Smith
Carolyn Sosebee
Tommy Spain and Tatyana Golub
Lynn and JoAnn Spees
Thomas Spiggle
Amy Spivey and Timothy Moore
Mack and Gayle Stafford
Gary and Frances Stafford
Amelia Stafford
James and Lee Starkey
Loretta D. Stephenson
Leslie Stogner
William Straka
Cheryl Stutzmann
Donna Summerlin
Sarah Swanson
Marc and Marla Swinnen
Otto Szentesi
Elizabeth Taraldsen
Jay and Megan Teeter
Bryce Thomas
William and Monica Thomas
Charlene Tice
Kimberly Totillo
Sallie Townsend
Lisa Travis
Blake Trimble
Carol Trivette and Glenn Fisher
Katherine and Billy Truitt
Randy and Dana Truitt
Charles and Nancy Turnbill
Steven and Gayle Underdown
James Van Horn
W.J. and Angela Vandett
Brian and Allison Vierling
Robert and Karen Vollinger
Jessica Voorhees
Jack and Linda Wade
Ronald Wallace
Billy Walton
Carl and Eugenia Welch
Marjorie Wells
Terry Whitener
Robert and Pat Williams
Linda Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Young
Charles and Elaine Young
Margaret Young
Joseph and Kelli Zych