Ministry Unveils New Logo and Updated Website

Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry (GHCCM) recently unveiled their new logo and updated their website.  As Bonita Ferretti, Director of Development, comments, “GHCCM has moved into a new era with 100% emphasis on the services targeting clients who are facing crisis and living in poverty. There are many excellent agencies in the community that serve those in need.  GHCCM’s goal is to avoid duplicating services and focus on where the need is the greatest.  The programs at GHCCM include Crisis Assistance, a full service Free and Charitable Medical Clinic, a Pharmacy and education through the Whole Life Center (WLC).”

The new logo is made up of three parts: the Cross, the Starburst and the Green Pathway.  The cross is the focal point of the ministry.  Molly Sain, Director of GHCCM, emphasizes that “through God’s love, all things are possible.  Although GHCCM is a deeply rooted Christian non-profit organization, the ministry accepts all people who qualify for services.  Molly continues, “We are not here to judge people, but to walk with them through their journey towards independence from the poverty cycle.  The GHCCM staff welcomes our clients with a smile and has a desire to help those facing difficult times in their life.  Whether they are facing financial crises, homelessness, medical or emotional needs, GHCCM is available to help”.

The Starburst of varying colors represents the different services within the ministry.  The bright green indicates the GHCCM Crisis Assistance program.  As stated by Jailen Howell, Client Services and the WLC Manager, “We recognize that all of us are individuals with unique needs and desires.  The GHCCM staff are here to listen and help”.  Crisis Assistance includes financial assistance for rent/mortgage, utilities, transportation needs, and processes applications for GHCCM Health Care cards.  In addition, the following services are available to those experiencing homelessness: emergency clothing, laundry facilities, access to showers, haircuts, and mail service.  For 2022, GHCCM provided over $184,000 in financial assistance to clients.

The orange designates the GHCCM Free and Charitable Medical Clinic which provides both primary and specialty care to those who have no access to medical insurance and fall within the government designated poverty guidelines.  The GHCCM Medical Clinic is one of ____ in North Carolina.   In addition to primary and specialty care, patients have access to a full-service Dental Clinic and Eye Clinic.  Substance abuse and mental health issues are oftentimes part of a patient’s diagnosis; therefore, a Peer Support Specialist is available on-site who identifies and addresses the social determinants of health that may be keeping clients in poverty.  The Specialist helps the patient seek solutions to issues.  The Medical Clinic has an active diabetes and hypertension program providing education, guidance and one-on-one instruction to assist patients gain control of the diagnosis. 

The purple in the Starburst indicates the GHCCM Pharmacy.  The Pharmacy is a certified provider of low or no cost medications as prescribed by medical providers.  Patients are referred from the GHCCM Medical Clinic as well as from outside medical practices.  In 2022, the Pharmacy distributed 18,343 prescriptions at a value of $3,907,609.

The yellow is for the Dr. John and Carol de Perczel Whole Life Center (WLC), a center for education.  The WLC offers education services to assist clients to gain and improve lifestyle skills such as financial literacy, job search assistance, and counseling.  In addition, clients can apply and receive their GHCCM Health Care Card – new and renewals- as well as additional laundry facilities for the homeless are available at the WLC.  

Finally, the green Pathway in the logo shows the journey the clients take as they progress through facing life’s challenges.  The goal is to provide a brighter future of independence – a pathway to a life out of poverty.  Molly Sain concludes, “The pathway may have its ups and downs, but reaching a goal one step at a time is worth the hard work.  We invite our community to support the growing needs of our clients by donating funds, providing in-kind donations and volunteering time and talents.”

GHCCM relies on grants and financial contributions to continue offering support to our most vulnerable population. It is the goal of GHCCM to offer a pathway to stability for those in crisis. For hours of operation, ministry offerings, or to donate, please visit the updated GHCCM website at