Ministry Reports Community Impact for 2020

Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry (GHCCM) reports the data from its impact statement for 2020. For 52 years, GHCCM has offered Hope, Help, Healing for All in most need. The mission of GHCCM holds true as much today as it did in 1969 when the ministry was started. GHCCM is committed to providing a “wholistic” (whole-person-centered care) approach for our neighbors.

Ministry Reports Community Impact for 2020

As GHCCM has grown and expanded, it continues to offer crisis assistance, but even more importantly, the ministry provides a pathway out of poverty to a life of independence. The years have brought many changes and additions to the ministry. GHCCM is a “full-service” ministry that includes the Neighbor Engagement Team, which is the first point of contact with our neighbors to provide assistance to meet their needs; the Nutrition Center, which provides supplemental food with healthy food options for those with health issues; the Medical Clinic, which offers primary and specialty care to neighbors who have no access to medical care; the Pharmacy, which provides prescriptions to qualified neighbors at a minimal cost; the Dr. John and Carol de Perczel Whole Life Center (WLC), which is the ‘Next Step’ ministry that offers a central location for neighbors to learn, explore, transform into a productive and healthy lifestyle; and 31 Thrift and More!, which is the retail store at GHCCM where sales provide much-needed income to the ministry and that also offers a voucher program to those neighbors in need of clothing, household goods, etc.

In 2020, GHCCM served over 2,946 neighbors and provided over 24,000 services throughout the ministry. The Neighbor Engagement Team provided services at a value of $192,984.00, which included 2,435 services for our homeless neighbors. The Nutrition Center gave supplement food to over 850 neighbors per month at a total value of $1,130,500.00, which amounts to 530,000 lbs. of food. The Medical Clinic provided medical care for 646 patients, which accounts for 3,666 patient visits with $167,900.00 in donated patient care. The Pharmacy dispensed 19,224 prescriptions to 971 neighbors at a value of $1,000,634.00.

The WLC ministry is offering classes on healthy eating, healthy cooking techniques, diabetes education, smoking cessation, family counseling, developing computer skills, assisting with job search/application and NETworX Catawba. Linda Johnson, Health and Wellness Coordinator at the WLC, is working closely with the Medical Clinic and the Nutrition Center to identify neighbors with health-related food issues, e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., to provide additional health and wellness resources.

GHCCM is open to serve our neighbors in most need. GHCCM is dependent on grants and financial contributions to continue offering the wide range of support to our neighbors who are our most vulnerable. It is the goal of GHCCM to work together to offer stability to those in crisis. For our hours of operation, ministry offerings and to make a donation, visit our website at For additional information email To volunteer, send your request to