Ministry Expands Dental Clinic to include a Hygiene Room

Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry announces the opening of its new Dental Hygiene Room.  Although the Dental Clinic has been open for over 20 years, the addition of providing dental cleanings for patients is a new offering for the clinic. On Thursday, February 22, GHCCM hosted an event highlighting the new Hygiene Room and two updated dental operatories.

Dr. Ronald Key, DDS, Volunteer Dental Clinic Director, has been instrumental in the expansion of both the Dental Clinic and the addition of the Hygiene Room.  The first project, with the assistance of the local dental community, was to successfully secure funding to equip the dental operatories with updated and new equipment, including a new panoramic x-ray.  The second phase is the completion of the Hygiene Room and the recruitment of volunteer hygienists.  In addition to routine cleanings, hygienists also provide periodontal scalings and hygiene education.

With the great support of the local dental community, GHCCM Dental Clinic has added the following volunteers to staff the Dental Clinic: 11 dentists, 7 dental assistants, and 6 hygienists.  In 2023, the Dental Clinic saw 128 new patients, completed 401 appointments, 341 fillings, and 578 extractions.  With the addition of dental hygiene services, 109 cleanings have been completed to date.  The 2023 estimated cost of care is $251,204.38 with a total of 706 volunteer hours.

The patients who utilize the GHCCM Medical Clinic and Dental Clinic do not have access to medical or dental coverage and fall within 300% of the U.S. Government Poverty Guidelines.  “Many of the patients at GHCCM have chronic health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease; therefore, good oral health is vital to managing their varied medical conditions,” Dr. Key explains.  For those in the community who are in need of dental or medical care and do not have insurance coverage, it is recommended to stop by GHCCM to inquire about eligibility.

The GHCCM Medical Clinic and Dental Clinic continue to need volunteer professionals.  Most dental volunteers serve once a month, but scheduling is flexible.  If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact the Dental Clinic Coordinator at 828-721-0706.

GHCCM is open Monday – Thursday from 8am – 4:30 pm to serve clients in most need.  The Dental Clinic also serves patients by appointment on Friday mornings.  GHCCM is dependent on grants and financial contributions to continue offering a wide range of support to our clients who are our most vulnerable. It is the goal of GHCCM to work together to offer stability to those in crisis.  For specific hours of operation, ministry offerings or to donate, visit our website at