Eagle Scout Projects Benefit GHCCM

Pictured, left to right – Caleb McMurray, Dylan Lasecki
Pictured, left to right – Caleb McMurray, Dylan Lasecki

Eagle Scouts Caleb McMurray and Dylan Lasecki of the Boys Scouts of America completed projects at Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministries (GHCCM) to assist the ministry in their mission to provide Hope, Help, and Healing for All. As stated by the Boy Scouts of America website, “The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.”  As stated by Linda Johnson, GHCCM Director of Health and Wellness, and John Featherstone, GHCCM Director of 31 Thrift and More!, “we sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication that both scouts put into their project.  It was a great learning experience for them, but it is a valued gift to GHCCM.”

Caleb McMurray, Boy Scout Troop #341 and recent graduate of Hickory Christian Academy, completed his Eagle Scout project by building three raised garden vegetable boxes for the purpose of growing vegetables that will help support the Healthy Cooking classes that are held weekly at the Whole Life Center. When selecting his project, Caleb commented that “I want to do a project that would have a meaningful purpose with a lasting effect to help people.”  To assist with the outcome of growing vegetables for consumption and to use in the cooking classes, GHCCM volunteer, Mr. Lloyd Coley, provided the soil, fertilizer, and the vegetable plants for the boxes. Dr. and Mrs. Jim Hodges also volunteered assistance for filling the boxes and the planting.

Other aspects of Caleb McMurray’s Eagle Scout project include donating a large picnic table, decorative bird bath, a podium for use during outdoor support groups and educational meetings, along with 3 large hand-made wooden park benches. As a result, the fenced-in area provides a peaceful, safe, and tranquil environment used to help facilitate additional outdoor meetings, training/counseling sessions, and meditation.

Dylan Lasecki, Boy Scout Troop # 1, completed his Eagle Scout project by creating a street sign highlighting the GHCCM main campus. In addition to partnering with the city and outside companies to acquire the necessary permits and design specifications, Dylan also did the fundraising to pay for the cost of building the sign. After custom building the frame and painting it, Lasecki coordinated a team to install the sign outside the main campus of GHCCM. The sign will serve to direct GHCCM’s neighbors and visitors to the ministry.  When asked about the favorite part of his project, Dylan commented, “Getting a bunch of friends and family together and building a sign that will help this (GHCCM) organization.”  He was also asked about the biggest challenge and his response was “figuring out what everyone could do and organizing them into groups to accomplish the task.”

GHCCM encourages volunteers to participate in needed projects throughout the ministry. If anyone or a group has a proposed project or need a suggestion for a project, please contact  For information email GHCCM is dependent on volunteers to assist with the day-to-day ministry offerings to our neighbors in most need.

It is the goal of GHCCM to work together to offer stability to those in crisis. For hours of operation, ministry offerings, or to donate, visit GHCCM’s website at