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Clients are referred to WRAP program (Wellness*Recovery*Action Plan) after GHCCM helps with the immediate or crisis needs of the client. WRAP begins with an assessment of the social determinants of health that helps to identify a multitude of issues that contribute to health and wellness. The can include health problems, unsafe or substandard living conditions, housing needs, employment, legal concerns, food insecurity, mental health, substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, education, special needs of children or family members, social and spiritual support networks, and transportation. Based on this assessment and the desired goals of the client, care navigators further coordinate both in-house and community-based services- with the overall goal of improving a person’s emotional, financial and spiritual stability and helping that client look toward a future that is brighter.


Clients requesting financial assistance for pharmacy fees, health care cards, or crisis assistance are referred to a WRAP navigator for an initial assessment and action plan. Clients are asked to meet with a care navigator monthly to review the action plan developed by the client and care navigator.


Anyone interested in obtaining information about in-house or community-based programs and services is eligible for the WRAP program. There is no charge for these services.


Samantha Sierra

Intake/Case manager

828-327-0979 ext 256