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The Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry (GHCCM) opened in 1969. The legal status of the organization is a 501c-3. The ministry was started by area churches and remains a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization providing an array of programs, services, and solutions for our neighbors in need in Catawba County and surrounding areas. Money from churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals is critical to sustain and grow the ministry.

Your donations help our homeless population and those facing crisis and provides our neighbors with needed support to stabilize their life circumstances. The ministry continues to serve our most vulnerable populations. You show support of ‘community’ when you donate to GHCCM.

2021 has brought many challenges to GHCCM and the neighbors we serve. The impact includes higher cost for goods and services for our neighbors, the lack of volunteers has meant hiring staff to enable GHCCM to continue helping those in most need, and a significant increase in neighbors needing assistance for food, clothing, medical care, prescribed medications, crisis intervention, crisis financial assistance, housing needs, and much more. The ministry continues to grow!

The ministry has been in this community for over 50 years. We are committed to offering Hope, Help and Healing for all when they are in most need. This cannot be done without YOUR help! The GHCCM budget exceeds two million dollars. Each donation is vital to the ministry and our neighbors.

Thank you for your financial contribution to GHCCM.