A Ministry of GHCCM's Whole Life Center

NETworX Catawba is a ministry of Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry within the Whole Life Center, made up of  intentional communities where people from all walks of life come together to build relationships with the goal of sharing personal growth. After the meal, we begin our class sessions, where we discuss ways to make our lives more abundant. At NETworX Catawba, we do not consider abundance to be made up of one simple thing.  Abundance does not equal material wealth, nor does poverty equal lack of material wealth.  These things most certainly play into our lives in very important ways, but at NETworX Catawba, we look even deeper.  Abundance is about our material circumstances and our spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and physical circumstances as well.  Our NETworX community delves deep into discussions on all of these.

The goal of NETworX Catawba is to accompany individuals and families as they move toward self-reliance, social well-being, and economic stability.  Following the model of NETworX USA, NETworX Catawba is a discipleship of equals.  By eating, working and being together, we build bridges over societal barriers like class, race, sex, gender, and age.  We advocate for each other and for our respective communities, and in doing so, work to bring Catawba County a little closer together, one person at a time.


A Ministry of GHCCM, NETworX Catawba views poverty as a holistic problem that includes spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional, social and financial wellbeing. NETworX is a faith-based initiative that engages the community in helping move families out of poverty, children succeed in school and address systemic solutions to poverty. Through a holistic, relational approach, NETworX Catawba teaches participants about overcoming poverty with an emphasis on reciprocity as individuals learn to thrive and give back to their communities. The very being of NETworX is encompassed in intentional relationships between mentors and participants with a mutual commitment, working together to develop goals, practices, and policies that enable people to not merely “survive” but rather to “thrive” as contributing members within our community.


Through a holistic, relational approach, NETworX Catawba accompanies particpants through the life-long work of overcoming holistic poverty.  NETworX models community, healthy relationships, trust, and reciprocity as individuals learn and relearn how to thrive in all areas of their lives.  NETworX begins with a 12-week faith based goal- oriented curriculum, and because transformation and change are built and happen over time.  NETworX’s Children’s Ministry assists with childcare needs during all NETworX meetings, and local churches and organizations provide the weekly meal for our NETworX community.


Ruth Trott

Ruth Trott

NETworX Coordinator
828-327-0979 ext 307


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