MEDICAL MINISTRIES CLINIC – Open by appointment only Mon.-Fri.

Healthcare Applications will be processed: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by appointment: please call 828-345-0854 to schedule!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be conducting TELEHEALTH video conferences beginning with those with most vulnerable chronic conditions (i.e. CHF, COPD, Diabetes) to follow up on their condition and to provide education and instruction as to what they need to do if they experience symptoms of COVID-19, how they can help minimize exposure and lessen their risks for contracting the virus.  Instructions will also be provided as to when to call the doctor and when to go to the ER.  This will also be when we follow up on their medication refills, if needed.

Medication Refills – We are encouraging patients to switch to a 90 day supply beginning with their next refill.

Communication with patients will be done through phone, e-mail, and Telehealth.

GHCCM’s Medical Ministries Clinic provides healthcare and dental services for uninsured adults. These services are supported by area healthcare providers, businesses, volunteers, along with public and private sponsors.


GHCCM’s Medical Ministries Clinic is here to help underprivileged adults in our community receive the healthcare they need at no charge

  • We are a specialty clinic offering internal medicine, gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology, dental and endocrinology services by appointment.
  • Referrals to other specialty care offices are provided as available.
  • We also offer access to counseling, mental health and substance abuse assessments.
  • Our dental clinic provides cleanings, evaluations, fillings, extractions and patient education, as well as referrals to other dentists and/or oral surgeons if additional work is needed.
  • Our Hepatitis C clinic offers education and medication assistance to qualified patients, along with on-site lab services.
  • GHCCM has partnered with Lenoir- Rhyne University’s medical programs, where the PA and nursing students provide a weekly clinic for physical exams. Referrals and appointments are then made for follow-up care.
  • Patients are asked to give a $5 donation at the time of each office visit; however, no one is turned away because of inability to pay.
  • Healthcare Application


To be eligible for clinical services, individuals must be adults 18 and over, a resident of Catawba or Alexander County, and fall within 200% of federal poverty guidelines. Individuals must also be uninsured and ineligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. Some limited services will be available to residents in the surrounding counties on a case by case basis.

      Accreditation and Membership

NAFC 2020 Gold Standard


Medical Ministries Clinic
Mon – Friday By appointment only



Molly Sain

Practice Administrator
(828) 323-7912

Sean Takai


Nikki Sturm

Medical Office Assistant

Elizabeth Gentile

Physician Assistant
828-327-0979 ext. 263

Charity Dolphens

Physician Assistant
828-327-0979 ext. 263

Leisa Bentley

Medicaid Caseworker – DSS