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A Typical Day at GHCCM…

Success is our daily work:

Mr. Martinez came to GHCCM for assistance with his rent. He had been sent by one of the local churches. His wife has cancer and is taking chemo treatments. Her physician advised Mr. M. to take off from his job to take care of her. He works in construction and has used his savings trying to help with his wife’s medical needs. Now, he is trying to determine what to do next to pay his bills. He has depleted his money on her medications.

GHCCM will be making a pledge for their rent in November. As the Neighbor Engagement team member explored the upcoming bill for Mr. M. and his family, GHCCM determined that we can assist with his power bill as well.

In addition, GHCCM secured a walker and wheelchair for his wife. Upon further discussion, it was determined that the wife qualifies for a GHCCM Medical Card, and an appointment has been scheduled with the physician in the Medical Clinic. This will also allow her to receive some of the medications through GHCCM instead of having to pay the high costs at a retail pharmacy.

After hearing the story and meeting the family, the GHCCM Medical Clinic staff has decided to adopt this family for Christmas. They are going to provide Christmas presents for the family because this may be the last Christmas for them all together due to his wife’s health condition.

This story is one of many examples of how GHCCM provides a ‘wholistic’ (whole person) approach for all neighbors. God teaches us to ‘love our neighbors.’ GHCCM is an example of God’s love in action!



JAILEN HOWELL – GHCCM Nutrition Center Coordinator

When Jailen Howell entered the doors of GHCCM at the age of 17, he never thought that within 2 years he would hold a management position. Jailen’s story is one of dedication, setting his sights to believe ‘the sky’s the limit,’ and learning from those around him.

In early 2020, Jailen was taking a class at HCAM (Hickory Career & Arts Magnet High School). His assignment was to volunteer to obtain class credit. Jailen picked GHCCM. When COVID hit, the class was suspended. Rather than giving up, Jailen went to NC Works, where he was given a paid internship and was assigned at GHCCM in the Nutrition Center. During his internship, he worked within all areas of the Nutrition Center from sweeping floors to food distribution and inventory…doing whatever he could to help. He observed those around him, studied procedures, and accepted every task. He felt that the more varied jobs he did, the more he would learn. The philosophy of hard work and determination paid off in a full time position as the Nutrition Center Coordinator.

Jailen has accepted the responsibility at GHCCM just as he did in his personal life. He is a single dad raising his 3 year old daughter. He wants to teach her the importance of family, hard work, and that the ‘sky’s the limit’ for her, as well. Jailen and his daughter definitely have a bright future. We are proud of Jailen and know he will continue to grow professionally.


CCM’s Impact on Our neighbor, Cindy

We met Cindy at the Salvation Army Shelter last February.  Her husband had been incarcerated and she had never worked or done the finances so it did not take long for her to lose everything.  We talked many times about employment opportunities, job skills, training and education.  She was overwhelmed by the idea that she needed to work to pay for an apartment.  Eventually Cindy found a small part time job that allowed her to work ten hours per week. At first, it exhausted her and took a toll on her physical health.  Eventually she was able to build up her stamina and increase her hours.  She is now working 40 hours a week between two jobs.  CCM helped her find housing in a boarding house. In September, Cindy purchased a car.  We educated her on banking and insurance practices and she has been able to switch from a second-rate bank to a first-rate bank and made a similar change to her car insurance.  These changes have saved Cindy some funds each month.  She had been able to pay her bills, but her bills did not line up with her paychecks.  We were able to pay her rent one more time and she is now able to pay each bill on time and no longer has to pay late fees.  Cindy is currently working on trying out budget apps to find the best one to fit her needs because the paper version we have been doing is not to her liking.  Her short-term goal is to have a savings account with one month’s equivalent of her bills available.  Her long-term goal is to save money to have her own home once her husband is able to join her.